Blu-ray Giveaway: “The Secret Life of Pets”! Woof!

secret-life-of-pets-blurayDid you enjoy The Secret Life of PetsI did.  Didn’t get to make it to the theaters to see it because things and stuff?  Either way, I’ve got you covered; whether you’d like more Pets, or just want to finally catch it, I’ve got blu-ray copies of The Secret Life of Pets, and as always, I wanna give ’em away!

Tis Thanksgiving season, so let’s make this easy, shall we?  Just do this:

Send me an email to with the subject line “I Love My Pet Because”, and then tell me what you love about your furry, finned, scaly or invisible buddy!  DON’T FORGET TO ADD YOUR REAL NAME AND MAILING ADDRESS.

You’ll have until MONDAY, NOVEMBER 28th, 2016 TO ENTER.  I’ll pick the winners the next day, and will give them the happy news.

Good luck, everyone!

About Denise

Professional nerd. Lover of licorice.
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