Con News: Vendors! BronyCon’s looking for YOU!

BronyCon 2016 logoWhat’s better than hanging out at a con and chatting with like-minded friends and fans?  Merch!  #BroniesBeShoppin Because where else will you find the perfect Cheese Sandwich-as-Changling chibi you’ve been looking for?  Or that sterling silver Fluttershy cutie-mark necklace? (Seriously people.  Let’s make those happen.  Please?)

And if you know someone – or are someone – who is a vendor extraordinaire?  It’s your time, baby.  Because BronyCon is accepting vendor applications Right Now.  You’ve got until January 15th, 2017 to apply, so trot to it! For everypony who’s ready to throw money at you at BronyCon, I thank you.

BTW, amazing artists?  Artist Alley applications are coming your way early next year… Read on for all the vending deets, and see you at BronyCon!

Press Release




(BALTIMORE)—BronyCon is thrilled to announce the launch of their application to vend at BronyCon 2017. With a base of over 7,500 purchase-driven attendees and a full team of staffers dedicated to making your experience a success, BronyCon is the premiere venue for vendors of all things pony and nerd culture.

The application will be open from now through Jan. 15, 2017, so don’t delay. All applications received by the deadline will be evaluated by BronyCon Vendor Relations. To apply, head over to

Be on the lookout in the coming months for announcements about Artist Alley applications, BronyCon’s art show, and the hall layout. This year’s hall is sure to be a memorable shopping experience.

To register for this event, visit BronyCon’s registration page. Badges for BronyCon will cost more at the door, so don’t wait! Also make sure you are following BronyCon on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+ to be the first to hear our latest announcements.

About BronyCon:  Based in Baltimore, Md., BronyCon is a multi-generational fandom convention, and the premier event for “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” fans of all ages. . This year’s event is scheduled for Aug. 11-13, 2017 at the Baltimore Convention Center. The convention features special guests. diverse programming and events, and a multi-night music festival featuring live music from some of the greatest fandom musicians. For more information, check out


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