TrailerWatch: “Do You Take This Man”

Who doesn’t love a wonderful story about love, marriage, and friendship? Haters, that’s who. And you definitely won’t hate this trailer for the new film Do You take This Man. Why? Because it’s all sorts of adorable, sweet, touching and lovely. What? I’m really digging it. Synopsis!

Daniel, 40, (Anthony Rapp) and Christopher, early 30’s, (Jonathan Bennett) are very different men – in their interests, their choice of friends, their ways of handling life’s stresses – but they are very much in love, and they are getting married tomorrow, at least that’s the plan. Triggered by the unexpected arrival of a long-lost childhood friend of Christopher’s, the grooms-to-be confront their differences, and lean on their friends and family to get through a day filled with surprises, stresses, and uncertainty about their future together.

OH MY GOD IS THAT ALYSON HANNIGAN? She’s so awesome #ForeverWillow…but then again so is this trailer.  You guys, I think I need to see this one.  I love a good friends-coming-together film, but this one really has a lovely vibe.  Check out the trailer and see for yourself.

Do You Take This Man hits theaters tomorrow, July 7th, 2017.


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