#31in31 2017 – “Bunks”

“Something’s always outside, right?”

Story: Summer camp time y’all!  Fun Camp House pranks Douche Camp House by stealing the camp trophy. Why not hide it in that old creepy house the camp director said to never go into? It’s not like zombies will happen… Uh, probably not happening. (Definitely happening.)

Scares: Age dependent. Youngsters may find these zombies scary at times while older kids tweens will just enjoy the ride.

Nightmare Factory?: See above.

Based on…?: Original, though a sequel is in the works.

Trick or Treat?: Think zombies + Meatballs done by Disney. I’m digging it. DO NOT JUDGE ME.

It’s all about a book of scary stories that come true when they’re read. Not too shabby a mythology, TBH. And one that’s open to any number of sequels; just go to another story, and roll film.  The cast is game with the right amount of Disney chipper and real-kids vibe keep things fun but not overly saccharine. The way this story apes slasher movies (especially the Friday the 13th series) in its use of comedy, character build-up, and then action, works well.

A fun film for any all-ages moment. Kids will dig it, and grownups won’t want to kill themselves. Me? I’d be up for a sequel.

Score: 4 out of 5 pumpkins.

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