#31in31 2017 – “Cult of Chucky”

“He’ll be back. He always comes back.”

Story: Looks like Chucky, the doll that won’t quit, is still chasing after survivor Nica. But while Chucky hunts her in her institution, Andy – the now grownup kid from the original film – tries to make it there before it’s too late.

Scares: A few fun but mild gotchas.

Splat factor: The usual middling Chucky/Child’s Play blood and gore throughout, with a few big bangs at the climax. Oh, and dolly insides. Didn’t think dolls had blood and guts? Surprise!

Closing scene “shocker”?: Of course. This series won’t go away.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: Tthe seventh film in the Chucky/Child’s Play series. Seventh. Yeah.

Trick or Treat?: This latest installment in the dolly slasher oeuvre is definitely not a stand-alone. You need to know who the main characters are. Watching it as the first film I’ve ever seen in this series since the original and Bride? Was confusing as hell. It’s not even fun as a one-by-one slasher, because there’s zero connection to any of the characters. Well, except for Andy, the Laurie Strode of this series. His opening scene – him keeping the severed but still “living” Chucky head in a safe – hints at an intriguing story that none of the creators felt like exploring. Too bad, that psychological dynamic looked interesting as hell.

The kill sequences are amazingly batshit crazy though, and I mean that as a compliment. Though with the victims being mentally unsound, it really is like Chucky’s slashing fish in a barrel.

It’s great to see Brad Dourif’s daughter Fiona as the lead character/victim. She gives great “sick and tired of this shit”. But every other character is a vaguely sketched redshirt just waiting for their death scene.

Which brings me to character development. Or rather the lack thereof. Per the usual horror trope, the shrink is nutso for no reason, except to make the film a little nasty. Which is all well and good if he was nutso from the get-go, or if there was an arc for his character. Nope. His character “twist” happens halfway through the film, so it’s more WTF than OMG. For that matter, the “how” of the whole Chucky thing this go-round is explained in the last 15 minutes. Well, at least they didn’t leave us hanging. But by then I gave zero about why anything was happening in this movie.

Nothing to see here but some fun FX, and approximately 5 minutes of a delightfully wicked Jennifer Tilly. Otherwise? Ugh. Okay, I did like the shout out to Hannibal. (I can’t believe they canceled that show.)

A movie best watched while you’re doing something else, or in the background during a party. That way you can ignore the bulk of the film and zone in whenever the doll gets his slash on.

Score: 2 out of 5 pumpkins.

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2 Responses to #31in31 2017 – “Cult of Chucky”

  1. Brian George says:

    Whoa haha I can’t believe i never saw the first one.


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