#31in31 2017 – “Inside Psycho” podcast

So are you looking for something to listen to while you head to your various and sundry Halloween parties?  How about something that’ll start off by freaking you the hell out, and then gives you tons of groovy info on a film that’s near and dear to a horrorhound’s heart?

I’m talking “Inside Psycho” an incredible look at what is arguably Hitchcock’s greatest film, and certainly his best known. (Though I also have a soft spot for Suspicion, Rope, Vertigo, Shadow of a Doubt…yeah, you get the idea.  The man was a cinematic genius.)

“Inside Psycho” starts off with an in-depth look at the real-life man that Norman Bates was based on; Ed Gein.  And I won’t lie, that first episode is a doozy. Maybe don’t eat lunch while listening.  But episodes go on to lay out how Robert Bloch came up with the idea of the story, how Hitch optioned the rights, and of course how the film was made, received by audiences, and became a classic. I binged it all in one day, because I couldn’t stop listening.  So block off a chunk of your commute and get your podcast on y’all.

Required listening for all horror fans, and fans of film-making in general.  BTW, the folks that created this podcast have a new one that I’m currently grooving on right now – “Inside The Exorcist”.  Enjoy!

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