TrailerWatch: “The Greatest Showman”

“Everybody’s got an act.”

Planning your holiday movie watching?  Well, I’ve got a trailer for the Hugh Jackman musical The Greatest Showman, and it looks like it’ll be a lot of fun. It’s a look at how P.T. Barnum started his famous “Greatest Show On Earth”!

While I’m not a fan of La La Land, I dug several of the songs.  The same lyricists wrote the songs here, and their Busby Berkley-esque musical numbers totally work with the fantasy elements of Barnum (& Bailey).  Maybe it just took a different director with a better vision…?

The Greatest Showman hits theaters everywhere on December 20, 2017!

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1 Response to TrailerWatch: “The Greatest Showman”

  1. Brian George says:

    That’s a fun one. very well done


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