Catching Up Review: “La La Land”

la-la-land-posterThere’s a difference between a loving homage, and a poorly lit, badly directed, slap-and-paste edited, ripoff of the greats. Emma Stone gives a wonderful performance despite the dreck she has to wade through. And while she’s amazing, the plot is too choppy to truly care about any character here. I can’t believe this mess is directed by Damien Chazelle, who brought us the incredible Whiplash.

Am I mad?  No.  Disappointed, let-down, and underwhelmed?  Definitely.  Do I hate this film?  Well…maybe kinda, a little bit.  But really, it’s more that La La Land is the worst thing a musical can be; sloppy and pointless. Looking for an engrossing, well thought out story with killer music? Please, PLEASE, watch Sing Street instead.

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