Off the Shelf: “Jazz Legend #1”

Story: Martin Comity, trumpet player, jazz musician. Booze hound. Addict. Martin looks for the next thing to keep his mind occupied. Drink, women, drugs…and then a drug called New Blue comes along. And let’s just say this drug ain’t like anything Martin has tried before.  For one thing, it transports him to another realm of being.  Literally.  Or maybe it’s all just in his burned-out mind?

Best Line“The darkness that follows you! I’ve seen it! Have you?”

Thoughts: First things first. The art is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. Look at that cover, willya? Look at it. The lines, the shading, the use of space. That’d be a great print or poster y’all. And the art inside is just as beautiful.

Think of Jazz Legend as a Noir with Lovecraftian and Sci-Fi elements. There’s a lot of real world here, including the seedy elements of that world, but things may not be what they seem. And it’s all folded into a delicious mind-trip of a tale. The creators describe it as a mix of “jazz great Miles Davis, and the father of beat literature, William S. Burroughs.” Me? I felt echoes of Saga, God is Dead, and of course Noir comics like Fatale and Fell. Writer JC Lacek has a storytelling style that reminds me of Jeff Lemire’s quiet pull, and Scott Snyder’s way with slowly doling out the goods while keeping readers hooked.

And I can’t help but love a series that starts out with this quote by Sid Caesar: “Jazz is a purple bird flying against the anamorphosis.” It’s trippy, and it paints a perfect picture of where this story is gonna fly.  A quick word about age-appropriateness here; while this title isn’t offically rated MA, readers – and parents of readers – under 16 should be aware of the adult content.  Drugs, booze, violence…you know the deal.

At the end of #1, I was eager for more. First one’s always free, kiddies. But if you’re interested in a wild ride – and really, who isn’t? – pick this up immediately. I can’t wait to see where Martin (and his backup band of comic book creators) takes me next.

Publication 411: A six-part monthly series from Scout Comics. First issue hits stores May 2018.

[NOTE: I received a copy of this title thanks to the graciousness of the creators. I received no compensation for my review, not even some strange blue liquid. Probably a good thing, that.]



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