Elsewhere Review: “Funko’s Rock Candy Thirteenth Doctor Vinyl Collectible”

Originally published at The Green Man Review!

She’s here! And she’s fantastic.

I was one of those people who was stoked at the idea of a female Doctor. Why not? The show has done all different ages and attitudes with the Doctor’s regenerations, why not shift a chromosome or two (because who knows how many genes the Doctor has? Or if the Doctor even has genes…) And I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying the series so far. Yay!

As with all things fannish, Funko quickly delivered several collectible figurines in honor of the thirteenth Doctor, and I gladly accepted the challenge to review her Rock Candy version. What’s the difference between Funko’s hugely popular Pop! line and their Rock Candy line? Well, size and shape. A Pop! is typically a bobble-head, or has the dimensions of a bobble, with an overly large head and proportionally wee body. Rock Candy is more proportional overall. Rocks run 3x3x5″, where the usual Pop! typically runs 2.5×2.5×3.8″. Pop! eyes are typically a solid color (usually black), where a Rock has the whole iris/pupil/sclera thing going on.

But how does she look? Well, perfect, actually. Her outfit is spot-on from the series, which is no wonder, as the BBC logo is front and center on the box, right above her descriptive. She’s much more stable than several of my Pops (looking at you, you adorable Hannibal Wendigo), and even though she’s able to stand on her own, Funko ads a clear base for her to perch on. Her left foot has a hole that fits perfectly into the base, ala a Lego piece. It’s a nice look, and the translucent clear base doesn’t take away focus from the Doctor. Pro Tip: don’t try to move her head; unlike most Pop! vinyls, this Rock Candy collectible’s noggin is solidly in place even though it looks like it’s been added on as a separate piece. She stands firmly, gazing forward. Don’t try to force things, you’ll only end up sad.

For folks who like to keep their Funko collectibles in the box, that’s a particularly nice way to present this figure too. Behind the figurine there’s a shiny gold backdrop that has lovely tinges of copper. The outer box has a Doctor Who pattern in T.A.R.D.I.S. blue on one side and a purple/pink/blue galaxy pattern on the other, and a gold galaxy pattern at the top and “hanger” portions of the box. As with the base, the box doesn’t shift focus away from our good Doctor, it just adds bits that fans will recognize from the show.

Collectors probably already have her in their hot littles, but for fans of the show who’d like a little something to commemorate our new Doctor? In the box or out (oh stop gasping, die-hard collectors), this collectible is sure to do the trick.


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