Nutshell Review – “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Fairy tales do come true, even if only on celluloid. A love letter to late 60s Hollywood – every nook and cranny. Tarantino shows he’s still got killer chops and a well honed knowledge of film history. I loved it, film students will love it, historians will most likely shake their heads and smile.

Great wink-n-nod performances by Pitt and Dicaprio, with a special shout out to beautiful pit bull Sayuri as Brandy, the faithful companion of Pitt’s stuntman Cliff. Robie’s Sharon Tate is full of open hearted innocence. My heart absolutely ached with bittersweet joy.

Go. Have fun rocking out to Tarantino’s beautifully crafted wish fulfillment and its groovy, groovy soundtrack. Peace.

Grade: A

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