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“The Predator” brings back 80’s action-horror fun

Nutshell: Many a moviegoer messes up when they hit the multiplex and expect Grand Cinema from action horror. And while this film ain’t Citizen Kane by a long shot, The Predator‘s particular blend of action, horror and laughs are just … Continue reading

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“Operation Finale” – a powerful start to Oscar season

Nutshell: Real-life Nazi hunters get a powerful and moving film tribute, thanks to a stellar ensemble cast and nimble screenplay. Kingsley and Isaac deliver performances people will be talking about when award ballots start to fly. Don’t even bother with … Continue reading

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The Happytime Murders tries too hard to be “cool”

Nutshell: I wasn’t expecting much here – I’m still smarting from McCarthy’s Life of the Party – so I was pleasantly surprised by a handful of genuinely good gags. Unfortunately, the film as a whole tries too hard to be … Continue reading

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Catching Up Review: “The Meg”

Already in theaters?  Yeah, I go to the multiplex like A Normal when I miss a screening. Here’s a peek at my thoughts about The Meg! Big Ass Shark!  Who doesn’t love a blockbuster shark movie during the summer?  Well, … Continue reading

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Don’t accept a friend request from “Unfriended: Dark Web”

UPDATE: apparently there are two endings for this movie.  Sounds like the second one would be more satisfying. (Thank you for the thorough breakdown, The Ringer)   My grade still stands though.  I dislike watching idiots for an hour and a … Continue reading

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“The First Purge” – fourth time’s the flop sweat

Sometimes I’m too lazy for a full-out piece. Sometimes everything I’ve got to say about a film can be summarized in a few sentences, or stream of consciousness. So herewith, a quick-n-dirty on… Nutshell: The poster on the left tells … Continue reading

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Documentary “Mountain” climbs high

“Their lure is a kind of madness.” What is it: Mountain is a documentary narrated by Willem Dafoe. It’s about…mountains. Obviously. And how we react to – and interact with – them. Should you see it: If you’re into sweeping … Continue reading

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