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“Us” is a wild ride that shows Jordan Peele has more stories worth telling

“Stick with me and I’ll keep you safe. Okay?” Story: Adelaide Wilson does not like the beach in Santa Cruz. Why would she, when a terrifying event happened to her back in ’86? But now she’s grown with kids of … Continue reading

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“Captain Marvel” aims high, and succeeds

“Good kitty.” Story: Girls just wanna have fun y’all. And what’s fun for Kree warrior Vers is to finally get the chance to prove herself on a mission. But things start to unravel as Vers finds herself having images of … Continue reading

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“The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part”

“IT WAS PERFECTLY FINE WITHOUT RAISINS!” Story: When we last left our gang of LEGO pals, they were faced with an invasion by DUPLO monsters. But several years have gone by since then, and let’s just say that things aren’t … Continue reading

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Rapid Review: “Beautiful Boy”

(Because really; award season means you’re trying to winnow down the musts from the must-pass.) Disjointed and choppy. I understand that’s probably what the director is going for, to echo the feelings of addiction and living with a loved one … Continue reading

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“Glass” has some cracks, but it’s an engrossing patchwork

“Don’t be scared. You have to trust me. Like you always do.” Story:┬áDavid Dunn. Kevin Wendell Crumb. Elijah Price. All three are said to have super-human abilities. But do they? Dr. Ellie Staple aims to cure them of their suspected … Continue reading

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“On the Basis of Sex”

“You’re a smart girl, Ruthie. You married a star!” Story:┬áThe real-life story of Kiki Bader Ginsburg, and how she went from law school student, wife and mother to a Supreme Court justice. Yeah, her nickname is Kiki. That’s simply wonderful. … Continue reading

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“Bumblebee” is the Transformers movie long-time fans have been waiting for

Nutshell: Though Spielberg and Bay are both producers on this revamp of the series, this story is definitely more Steve than Mike. And thank Unicron for that. By creating characters worth caring about (including Bee) and a compelling story that … Continue reading

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