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“A Wrinkle in Time” – definitely a forehead wrinkler

“We can’t take credit for your faults. It’s how you use them that counts.” As the movie adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time is a confusing hodgepodge of…stuff?  So will my review be!  Talk like Yoda you will, if seeing … Continue reading

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All hail “Black Panther”

Nutshell: Fabulous performances, fabulous soundtrack, fabulous visuals. And a story with ideas that’ll have you contemplating what goes on in the world – and your backyard – long after the end credits. Go. Grade: A “Just because something works doesn’t … Continue reading

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“Insidious: The Last Key”: tired tropes combine with new twists

Nutshell: There’s no doubt that Lin Shaye is an incredible actress that brings top-notch talent to this series as psychic-in-charge Elise. There is, however, serious doubt that this series can continue, considering how it scrapes up the usual jump scares … Continue reading

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“The Post” – a historical drama that’s all too relevant today

Nutshell: Dynamic performances, and a story about a moment in the Nixon White House where the POTUS tried to break the First Amendment. Echoes of the current administration can’t be denied. Definitely one of my Top 10 films of 2017.  … Continue reading

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“The Shape of Water” – sparkes but doesn’t fully set sail

Nutshell: While Shape is a fascinating story with absolutely incredible performances by Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon and Octavia Spencer, it has neither the sense of wonder of Pan’s Labyrinth, nor the suspense of The Devil’s Backbone. But I can’t say … Continue reading

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Sick Day Review: Gus Russo’s thoughts on “The Disaster Artist”!

Some days are icky, coughy, hacky bleah days. On those days, I skip the theater so I don’t infect anyone, and ask a friend to take the reins.  Today the lovely and talented Gus Russo will be doing the honors … Continue reading

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“Murder on the Orient Express”(2017) – a gorgeous but slightly bumpy ride

Nutshell: Gorgeous visuals, a stellar cast, and a killer mystery adds up to a promising film. Though things tend to sputter midway through, and the plot focuses a bit too heavily on Poirot, it all gets wrapped up nicely.  Plus, … Continue reading

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