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“Life” – be prepared to have it scared out of you with this suspenseful space story

“This isn’t your buddy.“ Nutshell: Alien meets Gravity in a well thought out, well acted genre film that hits all the right buttons. While I hated the all-but-boilerplate-in-this-genre ending, there’s no denying it’s not necessarily a bad way to send … Continue reading

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“Beauty and the Beast” – a beastly good live-action adaptation

“A life sentence for a rose?” Nutshell: Like Jungle Book before it, Beauty and the Beast is a live adaptation that is quite possibly even better than the original. Grade: A Story: A girl that feels like an outsider in … Continue reading

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“Kong: Skull Island” – Kong gets monstrous in this excellent reboot

Nutshell: Outstanding FX, fantastic (if a bit too done-before) soundtrack, and a cast that makes you feel all the fear and wonder of being stranded on an island full of kaiju. A popcorn flick par excellence, even with a few … Continue reading

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“Logan”: a fitting swan song for Jackman’s Wolverine

Nutshell: A fitting goodbye to Jackman’s Wolverine, as well as an amazing introduction to Laura “X-23” Kinney. Logan gives you everything you want in a big-screen re-imagining of the “Old Man Logan” story…and while everything means the film goes on … Continue reading

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“The LEGO Batman Movie” – everything’s still awesome

“I’m Richard Grayson, but everybody at the orphanage calls me Dick.” ‘Well, kids can be cruel.’ Nutshell: A crazy, over-the-top extravaganza of villainous excess and Batman badassery. Lots of adults-get-it-humor that isn’t too much for the wee ones. A bit … Continue reading

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7 Pieces of: “A Dog’s Purpose”

Nutshell: sweet, sentimental, and capable of manipulating all the feels with Machiavellian aplomb, this film warms the heart yet seems to stay just out of reach of truly touching it.  Still, cute doggies!  And who doesn’t love a shameless kleenex … Continue reading

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Review in a Flash: “Split”

Sometimes I’m too lazy for a full-out piece. Sometimes everything I’ve got to say about a film can be summarized in a sentence or two. Sometimes it’s both. So herewith, a quick-n-dirty on M. Night Shyamalan’s latest…Split! “You like to … Continue reading

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