At Home Ideas – watch parties! “John Wick”, “Xenon” & “Bucket of Blood”!

I’m loving watch parties right now! It’s a great way to connect with friends, and enjoy (or riff on) films. I got together with a few buddies for Killer Sofa last Friday, and while the movie wasn’t great (not even bad in a good way, it’s just bad), sharing the WTF misery was worth it.

So why not connect with friends tonight and queue up a flick? I’ve got three ideas for you right now…check out one or more after the jump. Have fun and be well!

1) John Wick: Lionsgate will be streaming this Keanu classic tonight at 9pm EST “[i]n partnership with the Will Rogers Pioneers Assistance fund, currently providing financial assistance to theatre employees furloughed by the COVID-19 crisis.”

2) UPDATE – IaST is having tech difficulties, so they’re moving Xenon to next Thursday (May 14th) Xenon: Girl of the 21st Century: the hilarious YouTube channel “It’s a Southern Thing” will be hosting a watch-along of this family friendly film. The catch? You’ll need to either have the film on hand, or have Disney+. 8pm EST!

3) Bucket of Blood: my beloved Colonial Theater (of Blobfest fame) is live steaming this public domain horror classic on their YouTube channel as well as on Facebook Live. They’ll also be steaming other films – currently on the calendar are The Most Dangerous Game on Sunday, May 10th, and the strange horror classic The Brain That Wouldn’t Die on Tuesday, May 12th. Check out their FB page for more streaming dates!

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