Goodreads Review – “His Banana”

Yeah, sometimes I’ll just rip a review straight off of what I wrote over at Goodreads. It happens. From my Goodreads account:

Interesting double entendre of a premise, but the first several chapters paints Natasha as a self absorbed willful idiot. Luckily things start to change, and it becomes a fun story once Natasha stops being insufferable.

The author has a great way with dialogue, but leaves gaps in the story… What happened with Charlie the bulldog? Did he get healthier? Do they still have him? Does Chelsea adore him? The poor pup drops out of the narrative. Harumph.

The Big Bads in the story are wrapped up a little too easily; letting Nat use her investigative skill for at least one of them would have been a more interesting wrap up. But we only get by-the-way brush offs in the he said/she said epilogues.

Banana isn’t tasty enough to tempt me into the rest of the series, though the sexy times have a nice level of heat. File this one under enjoyable rainy day Kindle Unlimited reads.

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