31 in 31 preview – and Renegade Cut’s “The Real Rules of Horror Movies”!

What better way to usher in The Most Wonderful Time of the Year than with some 411 to keep you safe during a horror movie? Yeah yeah, you can always switch off the TV, but where’s the spooky fun in that? Better to roll like the Scouts and be prepared, I say.

Renegade Cut schools us all, noting that the rules laid out in the Scream films aren’t for all horror movies, but specifically slasher movies. Wanna know how to survive other types of spooky? Yeah you do.

So get ready for October y’all! As we’re currently living in a hellscape, this year’s list will be heavy on the apocalypse, but I do reserve the right to have a little fun with my choices. This IS the 10th anniversary of 31 in 31, after all. So it’ll be a party!

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