Goodreads Review – “American Royals

Okay, so I’ll add this to my Goodreads roast: I wouldn’t be so pissed if the author wasn’t good at developing characters I rooted for. But her inability to craft a believable story turns a promising book into a dumpster fire. And I’ve had quite enough of that this year, thank you very much.

Like a story filled with Jamie Lannisters from HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, this book creates wonderful characters I cared about, leads them through thoughtful and believable character growth…only to crap all over said character development and end up right back where each one started at the beginning of the book. A huge waste of time, and if the reviews of the sequel, “Magesty”, are any indication? The character assassinations continue, with everything wrapping up in an unsatisfying, WTF (based on the way the characters evolved in the first 80% of this book) ending. And according to the author, there’s no third book that would tie everything together in the works.

A disappointment. Obviously this writer wanted her story to end in a certain way…but then why develop the characters and turn them into more compassionate, knowledgeable individuals than what they started out as? If they’re just gonna shrug their shoulders and drop everything they’ve worked for (well, except for the Big Bad who seems to come out of things smelling like a rose), don’t bother with development at all.

Really pissed at this book, and the hack author who penned such a pointless waste of time. I won’t ever be diving into another one of her books. I don’t trust her ability to develop a satisfying story. She sure didn’t here. If she writes a third book that actually picks up the shattered pieces of these characters and builds them back up? I might check it out of the library. But not spending one more red cent.

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