31 in 31 – “Scare Package”

“Don’t be the Final Boy. Be the Final Man.”

Story: Hey, do you like horror? Are you drunk? Well then dig into this treasure trove of a not-quite-Grade Z (Grade Y?) film, filled with creepy, kooky tales. Wait. Did you hear that? Are we getting meta? Dammit…

Scares: More laughs than scares, but there are a few tingles of suspense.

Splat factor: YES.

Closing scene “shocker”?: Nup, but I dig the way they’ve done the end credits.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul)?: Very reminiscent of horror stories I’ve read or watched before, but this film’s sense of fun gives them a fresh look.

Trick or Treat?: This horror comedy anthology is equal parts chuckles and gore, and it’s a hoot.

The stories riff on tried and true horror tropes, all while two wrap-around tales – people whose real life jobs are horror movie characters, and three guys at a video store – play out. In-between these wraps are weird werewolves, Satanists, slashers, mad scientists, and possessed candy. There’s a whole lot crammed into 107 minutes, and almost every one of these tidbits are fun.

The only letdown was “Girl’s Night Out of Body”, a story that had an interesting premise, but went absolutely nowhere. I did love that funky retro hotel room though.

The segues between stories are choppy, with sudden “Oh, guess this is happening” transitions, but the overall strangeness, and great 80s-Era level on-screen FX, kept me watching. Plus, the cast is game for anything that comes their way, and their talents are head and shoulders above the usual low budget genre release.

For horror fans who enjoy low budget films while also enjoying lots of their favorite alcoholic beverages. (Having a touch of the giggles definitely benefits this horror/comedy hybrid.) Keep an eye out for Joe Bob Briggs, as the master himself has a small role in one of the stories, and it fits his vibe to a tee.

Score: 3.5 out of 5 pumpkins.

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