Ho or No? – “Holidate”!

It’s that time of year y’all! Time for cheesy holiday films, weird holiday comedies, and other assorted Xmas mess. Let’s check out what’s going on, and see if there’s anything worth watching!

“Just relax. I’ve got it all under control. You don’t have to lift a finger.”

Holiday: All of them. But it begins and ends on Christmas.

Genre: Saucy Rom-com

Synopsis: Sloane is sick of being a twenty-something at the kiddie table. Jackson is sick of casual dates becoming Big Deals simply because it’s a holiday. So when these two run into each other, they figure being each other’s “holidate” for every coming gathering this year is a great idea. All fun, no feelings. Right? Sure.

Unwrap or regift?Holidate tries to make you think that this story is gonna flip the script, but screw that noise. It’s the holiday season; I want my happy endings and I want them now! Luckily, this film delivers.

Great chemistry between the leads. Actually, whoever did the casting for this film really nailed it; from family members to romantic pairings, the actors are perfect for their roles and work believably together. And I enjoyed the subplots just as much as main story, thanks to a script that isn’t afraid to dig into happily ever afters, and fear of commitment. Nothing’s too heavy, but it’s the blend of real and saccharine moments is a nice touch. (And fine; a subplot that plays a May December romance straight, rather than for laughs, is absolutely adorable, and a sweet wrap-up for the characters involved.)

Think of Holidate as a blend of Hallmark and American Pie. You’ve got several folks who are in some phase of relationship drama – single, divorced, married, engaged – and they’re all trying to figure out their personal happy. And, of course, things get a bit raw from time to time. (“Raw” = a few f-bombs and assorted other words, “indelicate” situations, and almost everything Kristin Chenoweth’s hilariously raunchy Aunt Susan gets up to.)

It’s a holiday rom-com for folks who like a little snark in their sweet. And I dug it. From the winky-wink lampshading of overplayed tropes to the huge gestures at the film’s climax, I enjoyed every minute of it. This’ll go into my yearly holiday rotation.

Score: 4.5 out of 5 Hos.

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