31 in 31 – Shudder’s “Ghoul Logs” (and Ernie the lizard!)

Aww! Look at Ernie. Look at hiiiiim! 🧡
Awww! Look at Ernie. Look at hiiiiim! 🧡

Happy Halloween! Yeah I should be doing a final movie review for the month. But y’know what? I’ve done “31 in 31” for TEN YEARS NOW. I’ma do me. So this year I’m sharing one of my favorite things to click on for a touch of creepy: Shudder‘s Ghoul Log series! From a “traditional” Jack O’Lantern to one carved as Trick ‘r Treat‘s Sam, there’s several to enjoy.

So enjoy these YouTube tidbits of Sam O’Lantern and the Return of the Ghoul Log, and then hit up Shudder if you want more. (Each “Log” plays for an hour, and naturally you can watch over and over…) My favorite? Well, it’s gotta be the Joe O’Lantern (er, Joe Bob’s Ghoul Log) with Ernie the lizard dressed as the cutest widdle Freddy Kruger ever. Check out the featured image in this post if you don’t believe me. Awwww! 🧡🧡🧡

And from now, on I’m gonna keep the freaky fun rolling all year long; I’ll be debuting Freaky Fridays very soon! Cult films, 70s exploitation, classic B&W genre films, crazy international films, short films, and of course my beloved horror films. Every single Friday. Keep your eyes peeled. Ew, not literally y’all. Gross.


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