Elsewhere Reviews – Diamond Salted Dark Chocolate Walnuts

Originally published at Green Man Review!

Dark chocolate is a superfood. Walnuts are a superfood. So combining them would be super-duper, right? You bet’cha. These snacky bits are so super, in fact, I figured they’d come with a cape. Luckily though, no cape. Edna Mode would be proud.

I tend to stick with savory nuttiness (hello there, Smokehouse Almonds, and chili roasted pistachios!) But Diamond managed to blend sweet and savory into a delightful snack that had me reaching for more and more. Oh well, I guess lunch is this bag. Oopsie-doodle. I have no regrets. *grabs another bite and chops down with relish*

The dark chocolate looks like streusel topping that’s adhered to each piece of walnut, thanks to a VEGAN blend of cocoa, salt, coconut oil, and various flavors like vanilla and maple. There’s also a touch of rosemary extract that gives each bite a little je ne sais yummy. That gives a lumpy, bumpy texture that allows for different pieces to have slightly different levels of chocolate-to-walnut ratios, but all the better. That difference gives each nibble a similar, yet unique, flavor that doesn’t bore your tastebuds. 

The walnuts themselves have a delightful crunch that gives way to smoothness as the oils within are mixed with fiber and flavor. Neither the nut nor the flavors overpower the other, something that’s all too rare with covered/enrobed treats. Am I eating healthy? Probably not, as I’m wrapping up this “serves 4” bag all in one go. But with the light touch on sweetness and the definite walnut-y flavor? It sure feels like it.

This could be a fun toss-in for salads that contain fresh fruit (a frisée and strawberry salad springs to mind, and now I want one immediately), addition to a charcuterie board, or even as a topping to a mole dish or any chili that has a hint of cinnamon and/or cocoa. Or, you could be like me and simply mainline these darlings with a glass of your favorite beverage. Right now, it’s a delightful Rojo, but thanks to the sweet/savory blend, any varietal will do. Heck, even you ice wine enthusiasts could dive in (add in some sliced pears to really go crazy…) And yes, teas, coffees, and other non-alcoholic bevvies would be delightful too; perhaps skip the hot cocoa though, as that option might overpower the delicate balance of this snack.

Just rip open the packet, pour out into your gaping maw bowl of choice, and enjoy.

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