Need a horror comics fix? Let the Ghastly Awards help!

Mmm, horror comics.  So creepy, so bloody.  So amazingly drawn and written!

If you’re like me, you find yourself falling into the same-ol’, same-ol’ when it comes to gettin’ your horror on.  For me, it’s The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Crossed and the odd one-shot volume I stumble on.  But hey; the folks over at the Ghastly Awards are here to lend a hand.  Yeah, so they’re really giving out the 411 for folks in the biz to vote on the best of the best…but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of the tips, right?  Right.

So, right from the press release’s mouth, here’s a look at what the pros are looking at!

From the Ghastly Awards distro:

For the month of April 2012 the judges are recommending you take a look at:

The New Deadwardians #1 and #2: It’s yet another Vertigo title full of vampires and brainless zombies! But it’s so much more than that. It’s a social class satire, a thrilling crime story, and reversion to Victorian era literature. I’m just as sick of flesh eaters and blood suckers as anyone, but Abnett and Culbard have given new hope to the cliched sub genre. This is easily my favorite book from Vertigo since Sweet Tooth. – Lonnie Nadler
Pandemonium OGN: Yet another amazing imported title from Humanoids is on the stands for your horror pleasure. Amazing artwork and a killer story mix to bring you to your knees in fear. Based on an actual haunted location in the United States, this book is primed to terrify and intrigue you into the mystery of what happened at The Waverly Hills Sanatorium. – Decapitated Dan
Dark Horse keeps on chuggin’ along with their resurrected CREEPY #8. While it’s not as good as the first few issues, #8 (April 2012) has plenty to offer the anthology horror fan. There are four new features, including a ten-pager by the great Rick Geary, as well a reprint of the classic Warren CREEPY story “Jenifer” by Bruce Jones and Berni Wrightson. All this is behind a new Richard Corben cover. Not perfect, but DH is moving back in the right direction. Now if only they could lose the reprints (or at least print them better; “Jenifer” is too dark). -Mike Howlett

Frankenstein Alive, Alive! #1. Terror team titans, Niles and Wrightson are back, this time reviving Bernie’s visually famous Franken variation, where we see The Monster continue to grapple with his endlessly lonely, tortured existance, his day job in a carnival freakshow, and his ultimate death (?) by volcano. Beautifully illustrated (of course) in glorious black and white, rounded out with letters from Mary Shelley, and Niles interviewing Wrightson on his own fascinating origins with the Frankenstein monster. – Steve Banes

The Sixth Gun from Oni Press continues to be the best ongoing title in the horror comic universe. Volume 3 collects issues 12-17 of the series and Bunn’s brilliant scripting and plotting hasn’t let up on the accelerator from the first issue. The eye-popping artwork of Brian Hurtt continues to be the perfect complement to Bunn’s imaginative storytelling. All-in-all, a magnificent artistic team on a magnificent comic.  Highly recommended. – Mykal Banta

If you’ve got a title that you’ve really been enjoying, let a gal know; feel free to post away in the comments!

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