5 reasons why dudes should see Magic Mike

Because let’s face it; ladies, we all know you’ve been waiting for months to get yourselves front-and-center for this one. But the straight fellas out there probably think that there’s nothing that could tempt them to head out and catch this movie, besides big-time girlfriend points. (But really, what guy wants to sit next to his girlfriend while she shrieks over some other dude’s abs?)

Herewith, a list of 5 reasons why dudes shouldn’t be afraid of a little male stripping action.

5) Olivia Munn’s Boobs:

They are here, and they are spectacular. And you get to see ‘em early on, so you can focus on the killer storyline (see #3) later. Not only are her boobs in fine shape, but her acting chops are coming along nicely too. The entire cast gives it their all, acting-wise, but seeing Munn stretch beyond here usual post-G4 oeuvre was a real treat. And it’s nice to see she didn’t have a problem with throwin’ out a little somthing for the fellas.

The only reason why Olivia’s boobs aren’t #1 is due to the fact that they’re only onscreen for a brief moment of time. Like 20 seconds or so. Sorry, I would have a more accurate time, but I was too busy hoping for — and getting — another peek at Channing Tatum’s backside.

4) Bromance:

The actors bring it, and it feels like the camaraderie between new kid on the block Alex (I Am Number Four’s Alex Pettyfer) and pro dancer Mike (Channing Tatum) is genuine. They’ve got a Meet Cute (the guys are both hired to work on clay-roofing a house in Tampa; Mike as a pro, and Alex as cheap labor from Craigslist), a fun intro phase (lots of ladies, lots of fun, lots of goofing around) and a “gets real” phase that really does seem real (Alex gets into trouble with drugs and booze, Mike questions how long he can postpone his real goal in life). In fact, the entire “dance ensemble” feels like a bunch of bros that have known each other for years. I especially liked True Blood’s Joe Manganiello as Big Dick Ritchie, a guy known for…well, that seems obvious. He’s got no problem showing us exactly how he gets so, er, statuesque. And lord knows Dallas was the role Matthew McConaughey was born to play. He eases into the role of, club owner, “former” stripper and father figure to his crew, like a second skin. I would have liked more in-depth characterization with all the fellas, but as the Alex/Mike brofest is the front-and-center here, I’ll just say the guys all give good performances, both with acting and stripping. Not too shabby.

3) Soderbergh being Soderbergh:

This ain’t just a movie about abs & ass (though bless, it’s awesome in that department. Thank you for creating all that gorgeous, whoever You are) it’s got a Real Story attached to it. Of course, that’s thanks to Steven Soderbergh, who breathes life into what could have been a one-note movie. Not that I’d complain, but for maximum exposure (heh heh), Soderbergh’s deft touch with plot and scene construction makes this movie feel like a real hard hitting story. Think of his Ocean’s Twelve with six-packs. The underlying notes of drugs and overindulgence that feels like disaster — This film kinda feels like what I’m assuming Savages will feel like, but with more (semi) nekkid — anchors the movie firmly into drama, while the bromance (see #4) keeps things from getting too heavy.

2) High-octane soundtrack:

I expected to be blown away by the stripping (dancing? Whatever, just bring it) but I was amazed by how much I enjoyed the soundtrack. The Xquisite club has plenty of testosterone-heavy base beats playing, scenes of partytime have cool hip-hop, like “Bang, Bang, Boom” by The Unknown, “Gimme What You Got” by Black Daniel, “Victim” by Win Win, “Mo Cash!” by Vegas Audio Ninjas and the classic throwdown, “Feels Like The First Time” by Foreigner.

Yeah, there’s fun grooves for everyone, like “Just For Now” by Cloud Control and “Sassy Sexy Wiggle” by Joe Tex. (And yeah, there’s a clunker; Matthew’ M’s “Ladies off Tampa” is funny in the film but outside of that it’s kinda stupid.)  But Magic Mike is mostly about prime crank-up-the-bass-on-the-stereo grooves. Very nice.

And, the number one reason why every dude in the country should see Magic Mike….

1) Get tips on how to drive ‘em crazy

Aw yeah baby. You wanna know how to make your significant other go to 11 in the drooling department? It’s all here darlin’. Sure, you can go out and get a few cool costumes (in fact, I think that’s a great idea), but you’ll really want to focus on the moves. The dancing here is completely and totally off the hook. Channing Tatum reminds you of exactly how good a dancer he is, and I’m loving the Step Up (And Strip) vibe during the dance numbers. Because let’s face it, we wanna see y’all moooooove. Naked guys are awesome, no lie, but throw a little somethin’-somethin’ into the mix and it’s even better. Case in point? The scene where Adam first gets up on stage; he “strips” like a guy shedding clothes after a kickball league game. Yeah, Alex Pettyfer is hot, but yawn. Get up and try out some of those moves — I heartily recommend the shoulder swagger/hip sway slow grind, or any pop-n-lock combo — and I guarantee you’ll be making some of your own kinda magic before your socks come off. And they say you can’t learn anything from Hollywood. Hah!

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