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Ho or No? – “The Noelle Diary”

“Excuse me, are you two together?” Genre: Family Secrets, Holiday Edition New Holiday Spirit or Ghost of Christmas Past?: Released 2022. Based on the book of the same name by Richard Paul Evans. Bonus Content?: A sweet border collie! Where … Continue reading

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“Violent Night”

“Santa’s getting mad.” Story: It’s been a rough couple of centuries for ol’ Santa. So maybe this is his last year delivering presents “…to kids who really need me.” Meanwhile, the uber-rich Lightstone family gathers together for their annual uncomfortable … Continue reading

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With “The Fabelmans”, Spielberg turns his life into art

“Life isn’t a movie, Fableman.” Story: Little Sammy Fabelman DOES NOT want to go to the movies with his parents. But afterwards, his mom’s help with re-creating a moment in that film to help Sammy deal with his fears? Begins … Continue reading

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“The Menu” – Dark. Hilarious. Delectable.

“Just go with the flow. It’s gonna be magical.” Story: Margot is the plus-one to gustatorial fanboy Nick’s super-chic, super-exclusive, dinner on the beautiful island of Don’t Go There Girl. She’s not impressed with foamy this and freeze-dried that, but … Continue reading

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“She Said” – an in-the-trenches look at a giant leap in women’s rights

“Of course. Of course I have a secret.” Story: In 2017, Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey, investigative journalists at the New York Times, began an investigation into then-alleged sexual misconduct at Miramax Studios. Little did they know that their investigation … Continue reading

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“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” – Powerful, Moving, LONG (#SpoilerFreeReview)

“It could have been different.” Story: Five years after the events of Endgame, we see Wakanda reeling as their King – the Black Panther – succumbs to an illness, due to the extinction of the heart-shaped herb. But one year … Continue reading

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Hallo-MONTH: AFan looks at “Trick or Treats”

Yet another film that cements my hatred of overly pretentious child characters in movies. That final smash cut? I’m hoping he slips, and Token Babysitter stabs him to death. A quick review? Fine; Treats has no idea what vibe it … Continue reading

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“Ticket to Paradise” – frothy, formulaic fun

“Why save the good stuff for later?” Story: Lily just graduated from law school! Mazel! Now she and her BFF are hitting Bali for a graduation vacation. Cut to a few weeks in, and Lily has fallen hard for local … Continue reading

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“Till” – heartbreaking history

“C’mon give momma a hug. See you when you get back.” Story: You know the history; a sweet fourteen-year-old boy was lynched in Mississippi in August,1955. But this historical drama looks at “Bo”, his family, his trip South, his horrific … Continue reading

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“Halloween Ends” – I don’t know what I just watched, but it was…fun

“You’re just an old man in a Halloween mask.” Story: When we last left Laurie & Co., her daughter had been killed by Michael Meyers, and Haddonfield was one big riot. Now, four years later, Laurie has bought herself a … Continue reading

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