Reviews from Geek for e: Evil Dead and Jurassic Park 3D

Shoulda had these up earlier.  But I had a busy long weekend (of avoiding my laptop).  As always, clicky for the original piece!

Movie Review: Jurassic Park 3D

Yes.  I know what you’re thinking.  “Why, Denise?  Why?”  I’m guessing that Universal Pictures wanted to add a little dino action to the ever-growing list of films that are being re-done in 3D.  After the likes of 3D/IMAX showstoppers like Avatar, Final Destination 5 and Life of Pi, it’s true that Jurassic Park doesn’t have the visual chops that current CGI-laden cinematography have to offer.  But damn if Jurassic Park doesn’t give us something else; heart.  Try as they might, the 21st Century films can’t quite put their fingers on the pulse of a movie.  It’s lovely to remember a time when action films had characters you truly cared for, and a plot beyond showing you Kewl Stuff.

Harken back to 1993.  Western Europe begins the EC, Bill Clinton starts his second term, a gallon of gas was just over a dollar (and we were all still bitching about it), and two guys — Stephen Spielberg and Michael Crichton — brought us dinosaurs on the big screen.  The story about a man who wanted everyone to see real, live dinosaurs (and who had more dollars than sense) was a sensation, with special effects so spectacular they still stand up today.  And when those dinos break free of their enclosures?  Everyone felt a chill.

But how many trips to Isla Nublar does one need to take?  For me it’s innumerable, as I have the Blu-Ray box set of all three JP films.   It’s definitely worth it to see Jurassic Park up on the big screen again.  And, it’s been 20 years; there’s a whole new generation that haven’t had the pleasure of seeing humongous dinos in the dark of a multiplex.  Fancy that.  Jurassic Park may be every bit the dinosaur that it’s characters encounter, but it’s still every bit as fascinating.  All in all it’s glorious to see this movie back on the big screen, and it’s a treat for those able to head out and give it a look.

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Movie Review: Evil Dead

Evil Dead is here y’all!  Horror fans everywhere are nerd-gasaming all over the place.  It’s an ugly sight, because we don’t do quiet very well.  But I’m here to tell you that all that jumping around, panting and drooling is totally justified.  Evil Dead brings it, rocking old-school 80s horror and 21st Century savviness in equal measure.

 For moviegoers who aren’t up on their horror film history, here’s a list of the films in the Evil Dead franchise:

 * The Evil Dead (1981) — scary with bits of humor.

* Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987) — an even mix of humor and horror.

* Army of Darkness (1992) — more humor than horror, but it gave us the classic line “This… is my boomstick!”  For which the nerd world is eternally grateful.

* Evil Dead (2013) — today’s primary topic of discussion.

 There’s also a short film, Within The Woods, that Sam Raimi made in 1978 that got the ball rolling.

 Okay, with me?  Then let’s get to the task at hand.  Which is me saying that if you’re into horror films, you’ve gotta see this.  Seriously.  Run out now, see it, and then come back.  I’ll be here waiting.

 Why am I so amped about this film?  Because it does what 99% of all  remakes/re-imaginings/shameless ripoff films fail to do; it gives the old-school fans a wink and a smile while keeping newbies entertained.  That’s the stuff right there.

 Plus, there’s blood.  Lots of it.  TONS of it.  It literally rains down from the sky during the climax.  It’s so over the top that it becomes another awesome bit of FX to enjoy.  I’m not saying that you should drag your nearest 10-year-old out to see this, unless you want to scar that puppy for life.  But for those of you that ook out on the red stuff, think of this as Dead Alive…but in the woods, and much creepier.  (And I’m sure Peter Jackson won’t hate me for saying so, because let’s face it; Dead Alive is awesome because it goes from gore-tastic to hilarious.  On purpose.)

 On to the hardcore critic-ness.  I’ll discuss the movie, and talk about how it compares to the original.  Then I’ll tell you all the stuff I like about this film, and the very few things that didn’t rate superawesome.  Let’s get started.

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