Pull! June 23 2013


This week’s crop o’ comics.  Y’know, between fostering 7 two-week-old kittens & stuff.  Picture?  Sure.

Yeah, that's some seriously cute stuff right there.

Yeah, that’s some seriously cute stuff right there.

Okay, on to the comics!

Ehmm Theory #1: (Action Lab Danger Zone) “You just kicked that zombie midget in the head!”  Intrigued?  Well, in the words of Action Labs, damn skippy you are.  Gabriel Ehmm was just trying to bring home a kitten for his girlfriend…but he ended up dead.  Now he’s working for the powers-that-be (THE powers), which apparently deal with zombified little people.  Great premise, and the kitty — that’s now his new chatty, bff — is a hoot.  A fun start to a hopefully cool series.  (4 out of 5)

Joe Hill’s Thumbprint #1: (IDW) First off, it’s based on Joe Hill’s novella, “Thumbprint”, and it’s not just pages of his pollux.  (No, it means thumb.  Don’t be a preevert.)  Second, anyone who has read Hill’s stuff — Heart Shaped Box, Horns, NOS4A2 — knows the man can spin a tale.  (Probably genetic, as his parents are Tabitha and Stephen King.)  But Hill’s the storyman, this comic is written by Jason Ciaramella.  Anyway, this particular tale deals with Mal, an Army vet that did her tour in Abu Ghraib.  Yeah, she got her hands dirty.  So when she starts getting mysterious messages (a thumbprint on otherwise blank paper), is it her conscience that’s haunting her, or is it something else?  An intriguing start.  Gimme more.  (4/5)

Ferals #15: (Avatar) Dale Chestnutt is a super-werewolf-man!  But this series has been heading full tilt in that direction for quite a while now.  Meanwhile, at the weird Utah “research facility”, weird Dr. Frankenstein Cherry is trying to figure out how The People do their thing.  And Thea is getting ready to deliver her thing.  So far this arc of the series has me held fast, even though the ending of this issue has me pretty pissed off….I’d really like to have seen what woulda/coulda/shoulda. (4/5)

Stitched #14: (Avatar) The cover had me trying to figure out what I’d missed.  What’s going on?  Oh wait; new arc!  Yayz!  Not that the original story wasn’t fun, it totally was.  But now we’re being taken into Japan, and to be specific we’re going into the dark underbelly.  Yakuza, blood feuds, jostling for power, and you guessed it, somebody wants to get his hands on some Stitched.  This issue gives you the How of the Stitched mythology, but I have to say I wasn’t wowed by that description.  Seriously, you couldn’t come up with anything more original than goood ol’ demons?  Yawn.  But outside of that glitch there are enough twists and turns to keep me intrigued, even with a severe lack of our zombified Raggedy Andys.  The switch to a new landscape works, and with the underworld backstabbing sure to come, this promises to be a gory arc indeed.  (4.5/5)

Max Brooks: The Extinction Parade #1: (Avatar) Vampires.  Zombies.  Two great tastes…together.  But not really; Brooks’ story is still in the gearing-up stages in #1, but we know where this is headed.  Vampires will have to get up off their usual way of watching the human race from a distance (unless said vamp is having a snack), and begin to deal with the zombie apocalypse.  Now this is a horse of a different color!  And the colors on Raulo Carceres’ artwork are lovely indeed, as is the detail in the pencils.  “They had always been a joke”, says one of the vamps.  Wanna bet it’s not so funny in #2?  Big ol’ bonus points for a Twilight smackdown.  I think I’m gonna like this series.  And a look at George R.R. Martin’s Skin Trade cover in the end pages?  Yaaaay!  (4.5/5)

Grimms Fairy Tales — Vampires: The Eternal: (Zenoscope)  An “undead” connecting miniseries that’s a heckuva mouthful of a title.  Here you’ve got Samira’s origin story, and can I say that I’m sick to death with *glk* as a drinking blood comic book “sound”?  When I read that, in my head I hear vampires choking.  Anyway, after the Samira story there’s a tidbit about Van Helsing’s search for Sela.  But I’m not invested in this story.  I can’t help but think that this series in the Grimm universe is just a way to trot out more hot chicks.  And on that note, I can’t stand how they dress Van Helsing like a Steampunk hooker.  Plus, The Extinction Parade does vamps much, much better.  Much.  The good news?  The final pages do have me excited for Screwed #1…. (2/5)

Breath of Bones — A Tale of the Golem #1: (Dark Horse) I love the mythology of the Golem.  I love the old silent film.  So a Golem tale set in Germany during WWII, penned by Steve Niles?  GIMME.  Breath of Bones is a beautiful discussion of war’s cruelty, and how each generation must suffer even though the earlier generations tried their best to make their wars the last.  Lovely pencils that need no colors to conjure the scene, and as always a great story by Niles.  “Because sometimes it takes monsters to stop monsters.”  Tell me you don’t wanna read more after that.  Can’t wait for #2.  (5/5)

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