Pull! July 19, 2013


I know.  I should be reviewing more.  But it’s 750 degrees outside, which means all I want to do is nap.  And watch G4 for SDCC coverage.

Demon Dog #1: (Derek Charm) A comic that is written, drawn, colored and lettered by one dude?  And then self-published?  Hmm.  Or that’s what I thought at first.  Hey, this isn’t a spiffy spit-shined issue from the big names, this is a self-published digital domain joint.  And it’s not bad.  Plenty of action panels, and not too much with the talky-talk.  What is Demon Dog?  Why does he do what he does?  What’s the backstory for DD’s first outing, “Hellphone”?  Dunno.  But a hound from hell is always a good thing…unless you’re the Winchesters.  Charm has a knack for tongue-in-cheek, and considering this entire issue was completed in a week, I’ve gotta give him mad props. (3 out of 5)

George R.R. Martin’s Skin Trade #1:  (Avatar) ZOMG — it’s a direwolf on the cover!  A direwoooooolf y’all!  Oh wait.  Sorry.  Werewolves are the talk of this tale, and in this first, set-up issue, you get a picture of the small town where a old guy named Willie is trying to find out how a young woman he knew got herself murdered.   Things point to the creepy-but-rich family up on the hill (don’t they always?) but with Martin’s storytelling you know that there’ll be more to it than that.  Once this noir-ish werewolf tale gets going I’m sure it’ll be rip-roaring (*gigglesnort*) good.   Doubt me?  Check out the “Grizzly Cover Edition” of this issue.  (4 out of 5)

Plants vs. Zombies — Lawnmageddon #1: (Dark Horse) I saw this title and thought “well, I loved Sharknado.  Let’s party!”  Ron Chan gave me the best present a zombie lovin’ gal could ever get: a Saturday Night Fever zombie.  In full pose.  Thank you, Mr. Chan.  Anyway, PvZ is just what you think; a six-issue comic based on the game everybody and their grandma has on their smartphone.  Though it’s got zombies and it’s from Dark Horse, it’s got the definite feel of an all-ages comic (nobody is getting eaten, at least not yet) and the humorous vibe of tween faves like Archie and Teen Titans.  I’m looking forward to seeing how writer Paul Tobin incorporates the app’s  game play into the story.  Should be a fun, cute six issues.  Oh and thanks guys; now I’m totally freaking out about sasquatch ballerinas.  Dammit. (4 out of 5)

The Strain: The Fall #1: (Dark Horse) Woohoo — it’s finally here!  I loved del Toro’s Strain Trilogy, and Dark Horse’s graphic version has been fantastic.  So I clapped my hands with glee when I saw that the second novel — The Fall, naturally — is finally here in all it’s glorious comic-book-ness.  Does it keep with the amazing art and high-quality adaptation?  Hellz yeah.  The Fall picks up where The Strain left off; the search for the Occido Lumen, a book fabled to hold the key to ending the vampire plague.  David Lapham (whose work on Crossed: Family Values was some seriously twisted fun) cuts to the chase, but doesn’t let characterization slide.  And Mike Huddleston’s work on The Master makes it one badass strigoi.  (Note: fans of The Exorcist should look for a cameo by Pazuzu early in this issue.) So glad this series is back in action!  (4.5 out of 5)

Saga #11: (Image) It seems like forever since I’ve picked up this title.  Not because I don’t love it — I do — but it’s one of those things where I let Real Life ™ get in the way.  So I’m glad a rainy day and quiet foster kittens let me leaf through this issue.  Still loving the narrative (a POV from Hazel, the daughter of Alana and Marko, who is just an infant in the storyline), the way flashbacks are incorporated into the main story (hello, inter-species sexytimes!) and of course, Lying Cat.  I love you, Lying Cat.  In #11, Marko and Alana have a plan to get away from “the giant evil space fetus”, but at what cost?  Gorgeous, gorgeous art and colors by Fiona Staples makes this eye candy par excellence.  Issue #13 is coming soon (I hope), so I’ll have to grab #12 now-ish.  Gotta see what all the ComiXology fuss was about, amirite?  (4.5 out of 5)

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