31 in 31: Night of the Demons (2009)


Story: I’m broke – I know, I’ll throw a huge Halloween party! But my partner stole the take and I got fined by the po-po because I never got a permit. And now I just got bit by a skeleton in this house that’s known for demon summoning parties back in the day. I’m sure my friends and I have nothing to worry about. Hey, why are we locked in? Oh who cares, I’m feeling woozy….

Scares: A fair amount, but mostly of the gross-out, wincing variety.

Splat factor: Tons. It’s gross level is at 11. Plus, I’ll never think of doggy-style (or lipstick, for that matter) in quite the same way.

Closing scene “shocker”: No! Even though new millennium horror films seemed required by law to trot one out! Awesome!

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul): A remake/re-imagining of the 1988 film of the same name. A sequel was in the works, but it never hit it’s Kickstarter funding level.  Probably best.

Trick or Treat?: An 80s throwback that holds to the old rules of the genre? I’m loving that attention to detail, and the film’s gung-ho attitude goes far toward keeping me interested. The actors are also game for the ride, especially Shannon Elizabeth as possessed party planner Angela.  Plus, the FX is suitably horrifying in an over the top kinda way.

The music is groovy too, with Type O Negative lending a hand during a dance scene that gets demonic. It’s a perfect fit. A scary bit that wasn’t intentional is Edward Furlong, who looks tired, burnt-out and just sad. But then the gory action cranks up and I was back in.  Fans of 80s horror should keep their eyes peeled for a cameo by scream queen Linnea Quigley in a ballerina costume.  You’re welcome.

There are one or two surprisingly smart twists to the typical clichés, and the non-doofus way of thinking by the handful of survivor hopefuls gets a thumbs up. If, like me, you like your horror to echo old Medieval morality plays, you’re in for a dripping, gruesome Treat.  You may just want to stick to Chap Stick for awhile afterwards though.  A little FYI from me to you.

Score: pumpkinpumpkinpumpkinpumpkin out of 5 pumpkins

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