31 in 31: The Haunting of Sorority Row


Story: College! Sororities! Pledge Week! Somebody died during a hazing ceremony last year! Oops. I’m sure her ghost won’t come back for revenge on the four Sisters that covered it up….

Scares: A few fun jumpy moments, and the death of one of the Sisters is surprisingly well done for a TV movie.

Splat factor: This was originally a Lifetime movie. So zero.

Closing scene “shocker”: It wishes. Seriously, I think the ending was supposed to be a shock, but ended up Sad Trombone.

Remake, Sequel or OG (Original Ghoul): Though I thought it was a remake of Sorority Row, this is an original.

Trick or Treat?: A movie equivalent of comfort food; this film may have a vibe that harks back to all the other Sorority horror movies, and have a whodunit that’s blatantly obvious as soon as you get the back story, but it’s easy to watch and is easy to sink into.

Really, really low budget, even for a TV movie. For “the most prestigious Sorority in the country”, there doesn’t seem to be a single member in the house except for the pledges and the 4 conspirators. Hello…?

Leighton Meister is very good as Sam, the new pledge that begins to suspect sinister forces. The Other Sisters and pledges are kind of throwaway roles for the most part, including the conspirators. Sam’s high school boyfriend is kind of a douche; you know, the kind that’s too young and insecure to be thoroughly pompous yet? Yeah. Needless to say I was rooting for the ghost to bring him down.

Score: wpid-pumpkin9.jpgwpid-pumpkin9.jpgwpid-pumpkin9.jpg

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