‘Afterlife with Archie’ hits the newsstand/supermarket market in October!

Halloween ComicFest variant (ComicFest/Archie)

And let’s not forget the Halloween ComicFest variant of Issue #1….(ComicFest/Archie)

I’m a big fan of Afterlife with Archie.  It’s a great spin on an old, beloved franchise, the artwork is spooky and brilliant, not to mention that it all starts (by accident) thanks to one of my favorite characters; Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

So, I was psyched to hear that Afterlife with Archie will be hitting newsstands starting next month!  What’s the difference, you ask?  Well, for the most part comic books are relegated to comic book shops, bookshops and the online market.  A title that breaks through to a wider area — like the magazine rack of a newsstand or supermarket — is getting a bigger audience, and a spike in readership.  It also means that there could be special newsstand-specific variant covers to be had, and of course there’s the ability to pick up issues that you might have missed that are now sold out of their initial printing.

These newsstand editions will be a whopping 48 pages, which means more stuff for fans!  (That’ll also mean a bump-up in price, from $3.99 to $4.99.)  For fans of Francesco Francavilla’s award-winning work (insert shameless plug for the Ghastly Awards with Francavilla’s win here), it’s an opportunity to check out his art in a larger format.  Ooh, nice.


(ComicsAlliance/ Archie)

With The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina also hitting stands this October (something that was briefly teased at last Saturday’s Archie panel at Baltimore Comic-Con), it’s shaping up to be a very happy Halloween indeed.  I’ll get more into Sabrina next month, but just wanted to share the gorgeous cover of issue #3, with the Creepshow homage from Robert Hack.  Not only is it groovy, but look at all the detail.  I could stare at that cover for hours.  Hours….

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