Elsewhere Review: Age of Adaline

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Age of Adaline really touched me. Perhaps because it had its heart in the right place, and didn’t shy away from the problems someone would have hiding the fact that s/he doesn’t age as the decades go by.  Soppy, and a bit of a rehash of the usual navel-gazing about never growing old?  Yes.  But I liked it.  You can thank the killer performances, and the focus on characters living with these big questions rather than the big questions themselves.  And I really want Adaline’s wardrobe.  All of it.

TwitView: Age of Adaline

age of adaline onesheet

A sweet film about a scared lady who never aged past 29.  Decades later she finds true love, but will she go for it?  Kinda soppy (as you’d expect), but all in good romantic-fantasy fun.  Beautiful set design and costuming, and touching performances from Blake Lively, Ellen Burstyn, and Harrison Ford. Grade: B+

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