Awesome Con has a Black Friday treat: a free t-shirt with weekend pass purchases!

awesome con black friday 2015

Yeah, you’re high on L-Tryptophan.  You never want to see pumpkin pie again (or at least ’til December.)  You can barely lift the remote, let alone thumb through the comics you bought to tide you over for the weekend.  But amp up, little fanperson — there’s one thing you should know.  If you haven’t picked up your Awesome Con 2016 pass yet, they’ve got a cool (awesome?) deal from Thursday to Saturday: get a free t-shirt if you pick up a 3-day pass this weekend!  Yep.  They’ll mail you a t-shirt.  In time for the holidays.  For you to wear before the ‘con.

VIP folks, that means you get two — TWO — t-shirts!  One that’ll be mailed to you, and the other VIP shirt that you’ll pick up at Awesome Con.  Same goes for any other VIP pass.  Sweet, right?

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for t-shirts.  And Black Friday stuff.  So when the two meet?  I’m all over it.

Awesome Con will be June 3-5, 2016, at the DC Convention Center.  It was a blast last year, so if you’ve been wondering about a pass, this is a great time to grab one.  I share because I care.  See you in June!

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