“Eddie the Eagle” – cute, conventional, charming.

eddie the eagle poster“How do you land, exactly?”

Relatable characters, real on-screen chemistry between the two leads, and winning performances by Jackman and Egerton.  Director Dexter Fletcher has clocked a lot of time in front of the camera as well as behind it, and seems to know exactly what to do to bring out quiet, believable performances from his cast.  Eddie is a feel-good story about a total mess who makes good.  Well, as good as he’s able.

Is it predictable in a movie-of-the-week kinda way?  Yep.  But that’s not the point; anyone can google Eddie and see his real-life Olympic career.  Does the plot feel a bit cookie cutter-ish?  Again, yep. Still, those performances, and a slyly funny screenplay make this an enjoyable romp.  And I’ve gotta give props to a fantastic retro soundtrack, with songs like Van Halen’s “Jump”, Hall & Oates’ “You Make My Dreams”, and many other 80s favorites.

Sure, the story of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards is an odd one.  But it’s fascinating.  And Eddie doesn’t shy away from the fact that ski jumping is a dangerous as hell sport.  If you’re game for a story that doesn’t rely on boom, bang or boobies, you can’t go wrong here.

Grade: B

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