2017 Halloween ComicFest titles announced! Zombie Tramp! Black Eyed Kids! Afterlife With Archie! MOAR!

Halloween ComicFest 2016 bannerIt’s the moooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeear… No, not right now.  I’m talking Halloween!  Ghoulies, ghosties, long-legged beasties, and free comics!  That’s right, Halloween ComicFest has announced the freebies for their yearly giveaway – this year it’s on October 29th, 2016 – and they’re looking pretty sweet.

My personal faves?  Well, obviously the titles I’ve listed above (ZOMG Archie – yipee!) But Wraithborn, Haunted Mansion, Tomie, Evil Dead 2, the amazing Ghastly Award-winning Harrow County, and is that Darth Vader Doctor Aphra?  Yes.  Yes it is.  There’s even a Carpenter mini-comic, which really stokes me, as last year’s Tales for a Halloween Night also won a Ghastly.  Can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store for ComicFest!

Pony pals take note: there wasn’t a MLP freebie last Halloween.  But they’re making up for it this year with My Little Pony: The Haunted Dungeon!  I.  Cannot.  WAIT.

Never fear; there’s plenty for the little one’s too; My Little Pony is just the tip of the kiddie iceburg.   Read on for the full deets!

Halloween ComicFest 2016 Comics Announced

Diamond Comic Distributors announces a celebration of comics, comic shops, and pop-culture in October with the fifth annual Halloween ComicFest (HCF) store event! Pop-culture fans are encouraged to participate in the special Halloween events by going to their local comic shop to receive free comics and enter “The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest” on Saturday, October 29th.

During HCF, adults and children alike can go to local participating comic shops to receive free Halloween and horror-theme comics and mini-comics published specifically for Halloween ComicFest. This year, there are 32 titles—19 full-sized comics and 13 mini-comics—available, including select titles from Marvel Comics (Darth Vader: Doctor Aphra #1, Spidey #1, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: You Choose the Story #1, and The Haunted Mansion #1), DC Comics (DC Superhero Girls #1 and Scooby Apocalypse/Hanna-Barbera Sampler), Dark Horse Comics (Harrow County #1), and IDW Publishing (My Little Pony: The Haunted Dungeon) among other spooktacular tales.

Retailers will also have HCF Mini-Comic Polypacks of 25 copies available for fans to purchase and pass out on Halloween to trick-or-treaters, party-goers, at school events and more. A great way to give out entertaining stories to kids, HCF Mini-Comics also provide an alternative to Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters! The HCF Mini-Comic Polypacks will be available in stores on September 28th and can currently be pre-ordered from comic shops. Fans are encouraged to pre-order specific titles and the number of packs they want to prepare for their Halloween activities.

“This year, Halloween ComicFest gets to kick off Halloween weekend festivities with its one-of-a-kind events at local comic shops,” said Halloween ComicFest spokesperson, Michael Moccio. “We’re excited for pop-culture fans and comic book enthusiasts alike to enjoy the free comics and HCF Mini-Comic Polypacks and participate in ‘The Greatest Halloween Costume Contest.’ Each year, we’ve seen larger participation from retailers and fans and we’re looking forward to seeing that trend continue with Halloween ComicFest 2016.”

Designed to celebrate comic shops as unique community businesses and reach new customers, Halloween ComicFest helps retailers and the entire comics industry springboard into the end of the year holiday selling season. Comic fans are encouraged to check out http://www.halloweencomicfest.com over the coming months for more information on the event and local retailer activities. Also visit Halloween ComicFest on social media on Facebook www.facebook.com/halloweencomicfests, Pinterest www.pinterest.com/halloweencf, Twitter @halloweencomic and Instagram @halloweencomicfest.


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