Pony News: #BronyCon5 Q&A with Chiara Zanni!


No, I didn’t get her picture. It was late in the day and I was pooped.

First off, it’s Chi-a-ra, like tiara.  Gorgeous name, right?  Okay.  Bet you didn’t know the voice actress of Daring Do/A.K. Yearling (SPOILER) also worked on the original My Little Pony Tales series in the 90s!  Yep.  She was Bon Bon! Zanni has been a voice actress since she was a little kid – her mother saw an ad in a mall, and since Chiara was always singing and dancing, thought it would e a breat idea to enter her in a competition.  Naturally, Zanni won… “and I never stopped.”

And while she’s been hard at work for decades and says “it’s really all I know”, she says “it’s the best job in the world…I feel so lucky.”

Since this is not only her first pony convention, but her first convention ever, we had to know what she thought of the Brony fandom.  She’s a fan.  “I would hear…I didn’t really believe it….”  While she thinks the fandom is overwhelming, she sees that as an incredibly positive thing, and hopes the fans don’t lose that magic. She also says that she’s usually on the quiet side, and was nervous coming to BronyCon.  “It’s good for me, breaks me out of my shell.”

Does she watch the show?  Well, no.  But not because she’s boycotting, or doesn’t like the idea of sitting down and watching ponies if she’s not voicing ’em.  It’s just that she doesn’t watch a lot of TV.  “…[T]he little time I have at night is with loved ones.”  Can’t hate that.

Would she go back and re-do anything she’s done in the past?  She says that’s a natural feeling for actors.  “We’re very critical of ourselves…I could go back to a ton” and do it over.

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