Pony News: #BronyCon5 Q&A with M. A. Larson!

Oh, like you don't want that sticker. WE ALL WANT IT.

Oh, like you don’t want that sticker. WE ALL WANT IT.

M.A. Larson is a pony ‘con phenomenon. With his trusty sharpie, he goes around making his mark – “M.A. Larson was here” – and generally being an all-around cool guy.  But he took the time to chat a little with us press folks, and as always it was a hoot.

First off, his novel series – which will definitely be a trilogy, btw – Pennyroyal Academy just had the second book in the series drop a few weeks ago.  And while Reese Witherspoon snapped up the movie rights, those rights have expired but the talks are “still going”.  The script is written, and Larson says he thinks it’s “better than the book”.  (Sweet.) There’s still discussion on exactly how to bring it to life, via film or TV, live action or animation.

And while it’s official that Larson didn’t work on MLPFiM Season 6, we can only hope that there’ll be a Season 7 with Larson involved.  Don’t chap your britches; there’s no word of any kind on a seventh season.  But hope springs, amirite everypony?  If given the chance, Larson would have liked to have done a “Day in the Life’ story about Celestia.  “Princesses – they’re just like us!”  As this wouldn’t involve the Mane 6, the story would have to have “low stakes, but they’d have to matter”, in order to keep things interesting.  I would love to know more about this princess, so c’mon, powers-that-be!

He did work on a chunk of Season 5 though, as writer and season editor.  While he wasn’t used to having story premises given to him – in earlier seasons the writers came up with premises and were either green-lit or not – “but I liked it.”  He also decided early on not to write anything in Season 5, but “ended up writing about a third of them.”  Hey, not complaining.  And how does he, and the rest of the MLP folks, avoid repetition in storylines?  “We’re supposed to read everything.”  Though he admits some writers are better than others at keeping all that information together.

Larson’s initial exposure to the Brony fanbase came when he saw a Russian video where kids were at camp…and then they break into song.  “Winter Wrapup”, of course.  In English.  “I know nothing about fandoms…[but] there’s a lot of common likes…there’s a commonality.”  Yep, Larson has never seen Doctor Who.  Or Star Trek.  But he gets that the love of other genre stuff bleeds into MLP and makes the fandom easily accessible.  As for the fandom affecting the show, he thinks “the more the show can live in it’s own bubble, the better.”  And really, wasn’t the reason we all got into My Little Pony in the first place due to the stories hooking us, rather than pandering to outside-the-show interests?  I’m fine with things being bubble-y.  Just bring the ponies.



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