Pony News: BronyCon 2016 Q&A with Michelle Creber and Gabriel Brown!

Michelle and Gabriel BronyCon 2016First Q&A of BronyCon, everypony! And it was a chill, fun way to kick off the weekend.

Michelle (aka the voice of Apple Bloom) answered our questions about her favorite overall episode she’s ever voiced – “The Cutie Pox”  –  and her favorite of this season, “Crusaders of the Lost Mark”.  Her favorite episode outside of the eps she’s worked on is “Party of One”, but she also particularly enjoys anything with Dischord (because awesome) and all of Season 1 and 2.  Gabriel’s favorite episode overall is “Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?”

When asked if she ever riffs on lines, or if she follows the script, she said that in most cases voice acting is pretty strict, as scenes are set up and timed.  While things are usually recorded first, then animated, there’s a bit of leeway here and there, but usually in terms of  “walla”, or sounds voice actors make in the background of a scene.  (She said Tabitha is particularly good at this, especially when it comes to sounds Granny Smith makes before or after her lines.)  And Gabe mentioned that the famous/infamous “It’s Over Nine THOUSAND!” line in Dragon Ball Z; apparently the voice actor had been doing that line over and over and over again, and “got annoyed”.  The resulting take?  Anime magic.

With just having graduated from high school, Michelle is ready to “relax for once”, but she’s currently behind-the-scenes – getting to see “what it’s like” to be on the other side of things – working on a stage production of Fame.  She’s planning on writing more music, and she plays piano, drums and has newly taken up guitar.

Gabe has been lending his voice to MLP:FiM musical episodes, including all the sings in Friendship Games.  Will he be in Season 6?  Only time will tell… (Seriously.  Nobody asked any guests about the upcoming season.  Because etiquette, and because they really can’t say either way.)

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