Pony News: #BronyCon5 Q&A with the comics crew!

BronyCon Comics crew q n a

Sara Richard, Tony Fleecs, Jeremy Whitley, and Jenn Blake

First off, we got to learn what Jenn Blake would do if the world ran out of Fireball (“Die.” I feel the same way about stout, darlin’.) And with that, it was off to the races, with a press panel that was a lot of fun.

When asked about the My Little Pony offering for this year’s Halloween ComicFest, the crew didn’t know much about it.  Since Sara did the cover art for Friends Forever #4, it looks like a Halloweeny reprint of that title, with no hidden bells or whistles from IDW.  (I’ma still grab it tho’.)

How to describe drawing our favorite ponies?  Well that’s easy.  “Sausage cat pigs.”  Got it?  Good.  Though if these guys came out with a Sausage Cat Pigs comic, I’d read the hell outta that.  Just saying.

When commissions go wrong: Jenn was asked to draw the Hulk riding Fluttershy, and apparently the piece worked a bit blue out of context. “Pony not ride right”, with Hulk atop a sweaty Fluttershy…oh keep it out of the gutter, people! Meanwhile, Jeremy and Jenn are currently working on a ten-issue MA title called “Dressed to Kill“, and that looks absolutely gorgeous.  Jeremy wore an “Alice isn’t Dead” t-shirt, and told folks that if they like Welcome to Nightvale (check), they should give a listen to Alice isn’t Dead (sign me up then!)  Always good to get new podcast recommendations.

Outside of Ponyville, Tony Fleecs is working on Jeff Steinberg: Champion Of Earth, a six issue miniseries (that maybe could have another six issues) about an “idiot who’s chosen [to represent] all of humanity” and must prove his worth to the aliens that have conquered our planet.  And I’m loving the Fleecs’ art.  Sara is working on several things, including a ghostly short story collection, and Asha Ascending, a new graphic novel written by Vivek Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle).

What would these guys work on if they could do any MLPFiM crossover?  A Superman/MLP crossover where Clark Kent lands in Ponyville rather than on earth and gets adopted by the Cakes – making him Clark Cake (I’d read the hell outta that too.)  Maybe a ponies/Transformers mashup, which actually got a bit of a start (“we did covers, but that’s about it”), but hasn’t gone anywhere (YET.)  And Jenn thinks a MLP/Aqua Teen Hunger Force crossover would be groovy.  I agree.






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