Short Film, Short Review: “The Opera Singer”

the-opera-singer-onesheet“Accidents happen.  Life happens.  Or maybe it doesn’t.”

Absolutely beautiful.  Can something be uplifting and poignant at the same time?  Well, this short about an opera singer who’s headed toward the end of her life can, and does.  It’s a testament to the power of short film that in only three minutes, director Steve Kahn can draw out such powerful emotions.

The use of Shannon Elizabeth as the voice narrator, acting as the Opera Singer’s inner voice is perfect.  Because who hasn’t aged, and yet still felt young inside?  Elizabeth’s voice performance is understated, yet nuanced.  You can hear the pain of missed opportunities, and the forgiveness she gives herself for letting those opportunities slip by.  It’s an amazing performance.

Newcomer Rena DuShey plays the Opera Singer, a woman at a time in her life when choices and dreams seem like things that happened eons ago.  Her openness in front of the camera is captivating.

Highly recommended.  Catch this one if you can.  It’s a lovely tribute to all the wishes, hopes and dreams we’ve thought about, but never acted on. Plus, you can be one of the cool kids that caught this film before it gets the slew of award season nominations it’s sure to gather.  You’ve got three minutes, right?

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