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“Joker” – a tricky masterpiece

“That’s not funny.” Story: Arthur Fleck is a born underdog; the kind of man who’s the living embodiment of Murphy’s Law. All he wants to do is make people laugh, won’t anyone just laugh? They’ll laugh, alright. They’d better. Genre … Continue reading

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“Ad Astra” – Pitt goes to the stars

“We are world eaters.” Story: Roy is a second generation astronaut. Roy is very driven. Roy is a jerk. When Roy finds out that his father Clifford – presumed dead from an accident in space – may actually be alive, … Continue reading

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Nutshell Review – “The Farewell”

SHUT UP YOU’RE CRYING. Oh God go see this movie. Right now. Awkwafina deserves an Oscar nod for her raw, emotional performance. A love letter to family, honor, duty and all the lies we tell to keep our loved ones … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch – Renée Zellweger channels “Judy”

Shut up you’re crying. Oh man am I gonna be a blubbery mess when I catch this in theaters. I’m already verklempt after this trailer. Start filling out your Oscar ballots y’all. Synopsis! Winter 1968 and showbiz legend Judy Garland … Continue reading

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“A Star Is Born” (2018) – a riveting remake

Nutshell: THAT’S how it’s done. An amazing remake by first-time director Cooper that’s full of the sturm, drang and achingly beautiful moments we expect from this classic story. He’s got his work cut out for him with his next film; Star … Continue reading

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TrailerWatch: Crank up the Awards Season Machine for “A Private War”

Time for Award Season Onslaught y’all!  Yeah, it’s still August.  But I’m seeing a few films that look like shiny, shiny awards fodder.  Operation Finale is one, and now comes a biopic starring Rosamund Pike, Jamie Dornan and Stanley Tucci. Sounds … Continue reading

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“Thank You For Your Service” is a must-add to your watch list

Nutshell: Jason Hall tells a story about three men returning home from Iraq, and turns it into a rallying cry for better post-service care for our Military.  Intense wartime scenes blend with heartbreaking realities after the characters come home, and … Continue reading

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