Catching Up Review: “I Saw the Light”

Sometimes I can’t get to a screening.  Sometimes there isn’t a screening available for a particular film.  Sometimes I’m just lazy and wait until the Award Season Onslaught to catch films that came out during the “For Your Consideration” award season year.  Typically, it’s all three.  So here’s a nutshell on what I think about one particular film: 2016’s I Saw the Light.

i-saw-the-light-posterThere was enormous buzz about Tom Hiddleston playing the folk and country rock legend, Hank Williams.  Then?  The movie seemed to vanish without a trace.  With good reason. Even with a stellar cast, this messy and unfocused biopic is all but unwatchable. Hiddleston delivers an incredible performance as Hank Williams, but this is less a look at Hank’s life than it is a series of scenes that show no insight into his inner struggle. Rudderless lackluster direction sinks any hope of a compelling story. A waste of talent and time.

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