Goodreads review: “Taming the Beast” (True Mates #5) by Alicia Montgomery

Yeah, sometimes I’ll just rip a review straight off of what I wrote over at Goodreads. It happens.

I typically don’t like jumping into a series. I’m the kinda gal who likes to start from Book One and go straight on through ’til morning. (Sometimes quite literally.) But when this was offered as an Amazon freebie, who was I to say no? And I’m glad I bit.

Author Montgomery crafts an intriguing mythology that had me wishing I’d started from the first book in the series. And well, beginning from the…beginning would have helped me keep all the various character names straight, as I’m crap with names. (But it’s nice to see that even the author pokes fun at the large stable of characters, with one in particular lamenting it “made his head hurt trying to remember who was who.” I’m right there with you, buddy! Perhaps we can form a support group?) Getting to know the various couples would have cemented them in my ol’ noggin easily, I’m sure. Especially since Montgomery keeps things rolling along nicely, with lively, believable dialogue and just enough thrills and action.

This book definitely breaks past the typical “boy meets girl” story, and if what I can glean from the “earlier relationships” here, Montgomery is gearing up for even more suspense. Oh, and there’s heat here too y’all. Plenty of funtimes, and those scenes are a whole lot of fun to read too.

My only quibble? At first, Sebastian comes off as an “Edward in ‘Twilight‘” level stalker, as he follows Jade around. Yes, he’s supposed to protect her, and yes he has no real idea what’s going on inside him (seriously y’all; if you don’t know that these two are gonna be True Mates by the end of the book, this must be your first time picking up a PR…). But he comes off as way too pushy at the start, telling Jade he’ll “pick you up at seven, darlin’” when she’s expressed reservations, and to “[g]o change, darlin’” when she’s wearing something he thinks is too sexy for other people’s eyes. Montgomery slowly shifts Sebastian into a man who’s more in touch with himself, and more understanding of what Jade needs/wants/deserves, but those first few serious interactions between them left me a bit squicked. But I totally rooted for him as things went on.

I’m hoping to dig into more from Montgomery, especially more stories in this series. She’s got a great way of keeping a story fun as a stand-alone, yet giving just enough of an overall arc to keep me wanting to see how it all plays out.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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