Elsewhere Review: three summery beers for Green Man Review

I like beer.  Oh sure; I prefer dark pours like porters and stouts.  But I like beer.  Lovely, lovely beer.  So enjoy these reviews from GMR, and find the full reviews at their hyperlinks!

Flying Dog Family Tree

I tend to have a huge Sad when the weather starts getting warmer.  Not because it’s gardening season; I love fresh vegetables and the inevitable cauldron of walnut pistou served up in the kitchen (try it slathered on Cook’s sourdough.  Delicious!) But because my beloved stouts and porters typically get tossed aside by local pubs and alehouses.  So I sniff around for beers with a lighter touch.  Which brings me to this particular pint; Family Tree.

This Belgian style Pale Ale is definitely on the hoppy side, but not in an overkill kinda way.  In fact, there’s a nice malt to it, with a decided lack of bitterness that typically turns me off from the usual Belgians. Oh, there’s a hint o’ bitter here, but it’s in a faint ESB kinda way, rather than an overly yeasty grabs-you-by-the-collar invasion. This Tree is a refreshing, light pint that’s easy to drink and pairs well with all kinds of things.

Flying Dog Bloodline (Nitro Pour)

There are some people who turn their nose up at a “fruity” beer.  I am not one of those people.  Okay fine; I can be one of those people, if the beer in question is a syrupy mess.  Or the fruit used is, well, ill-designed for pairing with a mixture of hops and barley.  But when it’s done well?  It’s absolutely lovely.  I’ve been a fan of Flying Dog’s Bloodline for a while now, as I can grab a fresh one anytime I’m at Camden Yards.  Maryland breweries, y’all!  But when my local pub had Bloodline on nitro, I wondered how this delicate, lightly sweet brew would hold up.  Quite well, in fact.

When I pour myself a pint of the usual Bloodline, there’s a head of course, but it’s not particularly substantial. Fades rather quickly, lasting just long enough to get a nice head built up, without overstaying its welcome.  But when on nitro? Creamy, creamy head. I actually stuck my nose into it and the whipped creamyness was a glorious thing to behold. (Sadly, once on my nose, the head did what it typically does on a regular pour, and dissipated quickly.  So scratch the idea of a beer action shot for this piece.)

Council Béatitude Cherry Tart Saison

Have a taste for a pour that’ll really sock it to ya? Well then my dear, have I got a pour for you. Cherry Tart Saison is the WWE champion of Saisons, one that will tempt you with its bright, lively color and then wallop you with flavor. Aaaaand you’re DOWN.

I’m just starting to dip my toe into the Saison craze that’s sweeping the beer world. Apparently Saison isn’t an in your face beer… But this one definitely is. Cherry Tart is a Saison that thinks it’s a Sour. There’s lovely sour here, which compliments the notes of cherry perfectly. Even a bit of cherry pie vibe. Sour cherry pie. Because there’s strong sour cherry here. Which I adore, but that much pucker may not be for everyone. Especially folks ordering a Saison.

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