Pony News: #BronyCon2017 wrapup!

Okay, so this year’s BronyCon was an amazing and awesome gathering of friends, fans and shippers (SPARITY FTW!!!) as is just and right.  But it was also a chill way to hang with some fellow FOP (Friends Of Ponies) and relax.  Great cosplay – someone even came as MLPFiM writer M.A. Larson! – from grownups to the littlest of little ones.  (Everyone say awwww.) From morning ’til way late at night, there was something for everypony.  Note to self: next year grab a hotel room and show up for a few late-night panels.  I wanna learn home-brewing!

I’d been live-tweeting through the weekend, but let’s unpack a few items that need more than 140 characters, shall we?  Fun times ahead – FUN!


No time for relaxing, you say?  Too much to do, you say?  Well, I beg to differ.  Because while BronyCon 2017 was definitely stuffed to the gills (mane?) with things to do, there were plenty of opportunities to chill while debating Best Pony (end of debate: Fluttershy.  Full stop.)  Me?  I spent a whole lot of time in “Pastel Pastures”, making things like cutie-mark keychains, pony bead necklaces, and would have even tried to crochet a few things, but I didn’t have the time.  BTW mah ponies, my particular crafts?  ALL FREE.  They even had crochet hooks for folks so inclined!  (I’m inclined!  I’m inclined!)

Then there were the panels.  Sure, voice actor panels can get hilariously loud, and that’s some of the best moments of BronyCon. But there’s also “My Little Tesla: Lightning is Magic”, where you could sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds of a Musical Tesla Coil (aka a thoramin), or make up your own “Rock Poetry” ala Maude Pie.  One of these days I’ll have to head over to the gaming areas and try one or two out, but I’m still too “I’ma suck at that” to attempt to blend into the crowd of folks that obviously know what they’re doing…

BronyCon Bingo!

It was really great to see so many people coming together and sharing stories about themselves.  At the “LGBTQ in Fandom” panel, there were a lot of folks who talked about how welcoming this fandom is (and it truly is) – “All around you there are people who genuinely care about you!” A few people even said that they’re still here because of the fandom, and the beautiful tolerance, positivity and acceptance.  “Love can really come from any direction.”  And that’s a beautiful statement, no matter what.

As usual, there was a bunch’a free BronyCon buttons/badges to be had, and this year the staff switched things up by only giving out one out-and-out BronyCon pin.  Why?  Because there was a hunt afoot y’all!  A Pokemon hunt.  Yep; I hear tell that there were eight pins to “catch” this year.  You had to find a staff member and go through whatever hurdle they had for you (from taking a silly selfie to answering questions about BronyCon) to score ’em.  I only wound up with five, but I like to think they’re the best five.

But you want to know what I learned during the press Q&A’s, right?  Well then, let’s dig in.  Folks wanting spoilers…HA HA NOPE! None for you!  And that’s exactly how I like it.  I like to watch each ep as it unspools in front of me, blank-slate like.  But voice actors Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer), Kyle Rideout (Thorax), and everyone’s favorite waifu-thief Vincent Tong (Feather Bangs, Flash Sentry) came together and discussed life as a voice actor in Vancouver, pony fandom, and…donuts?

Tong, Rideout and Sheridan

Kyle said he was able to work on Thorax’s voice in his mother’s quilt room “it’s great for sound!”  He got the basic information on the character before he turned in his audition tape, but the nuances were left up to him.  As for Thorax’s transformation (SPOILER) from changeling to King Changeling?  There’s a slight difference, with the producers asking for a “little less nervousness” but still basically it’s the same Thorax we know and love.

As far as BronyCon goes, Vincent said “I love seeing everbody”, Kelly was impressed with the amount of fans attending – “the scale of [BronyCon] is really great!” – and Kyle said he was “kinda blown away” here at his first BronyCon.

Kelly said she really enjoys voicing Starlight Glimmer, and as far as voicing a (reformed) villan who some fans think may be the seventh pony in the Mane Six, “no character is interesting without causing some controversy.”  Kelly sees Starlight as “a disturber” that “shakes things up”, which is something the Mane Six needs.  But Starlight as Her Royal Badness was a blast, says Kelly.  “Playing her as a villain is fun, and I miss it.”

Vincent worried about fan reaction when he voiced Twilight Sparkle’s Equestria Girls crush Flash Sentry, and was a bit unsure about going to cons immediately after that.  “I was so worried people wouldn’t show up [to panels I was on]!”  But he was met with open arms, and the vast majority of folks “appreciated what I did.”  Vincent also “had a blast” singing as Feather Bangs, but worried that the character’s…rather obnoxious demeanor would unintentionally stick to him.  But he needn’t have feared; while Feather Bangs is kind of a self-absorbed doofus, Vincent’s performance was just too good to hate.  Oh, and he loves the fact that there’s fan love for Donut Joe.  “People really embraced the guy!”

Speaking of donuts, favorites for Vincent, Kelly and Kyle?  Crullers, regular dipped, and sour cream, respectively.  #themoreyouknow

That’s it for this year’s BronyCon.  See you next year!

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