Goodreads review: “Witches Mate (True Mates #4)” by Alicia Montgomery

Yeah, sometimes I’ll just rip a review straight off of what I wrote over at Goodreads. It happens.

The San Francisco Alpha and the New York City witch get their story! And while I loved not only the change in scenery (a lot of the story takes place in San Fran) but the new characters (Liam’s family is amazing, and I’d like to get to know more about his mom), there was one thing that struck an off note for me. Beware going further in this review: Here Be Spoilers.

Liam, the San Fran Alpha, has always been a quiet, thoughtful guy. But as soon as he scents his True Mate Lara? He turns into a pushy, possessive jerk whenever he interacts with her. Granted, all of the guys in this series have a serious problem with letting their loves be their own person. But things get wrapped up in the end, with a bit of give-and-take on both sides. (Typically, the guy loosens up a bit, and the woman lets her guy feel protective…but nips it if it gets too crazy.) With “Witch’s Mate”, Liam goes from sweet to Raving Id Monster in no time flat. It’s a strange shift in personality that could have been laid out better. But the “will they or won’t they” problem they’ve got is an intriguing one, and plays out well.

Plus, there are more new characters, and deeper dives into secondary ones! A bad girl who I’m sure will end up making good (note: I’ve read Book 5 already, so I know she does), and we get even more on Jade, the sweet Lycan scientist who gets her own story in #5.

All in all? Absolutely a worthy read. But not the typical 5 star review I’ve been giving this series. Still really digging the series though.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

[FULL DISCLOSURE: I received an ARC – Advance Reader Copy – of this book in exchange for an honest review.  That didn’t sway my review though.  I received no other compensation.]

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