Goodreads review: “Tempted by the Wolf (True Mates #6) by Alicia Montgomery

Yeah, sometimes I’ll just rip a review straight off of what I wrote over at Goodreads. It happens.

Ah, the closing chapter of the True Mates series.  I’m torn; I want more, dammit!  And I absolutely loved how things wrapped up.  Yes, they wrapped up.  No loose ends, no strings dangling for any of the characters we’ve come to know and love… Okay fine.  There’s a series based on Meredith’s three brothers that’s coming out, Lone Wolf Defenders.  But for all the True Mates folks, it’s smooth sailing.

That’s not to say that things don’t get pretty stirred up in Tempted.  With witches, warlocks, Lycans and even a dragon – YES – things are definitely in high gear.  With everything ramped up to eleven, how do Meredith and warlock Daric manage to get together?  Well just fine, thank you.

I loved that Montgomery kept the sass and take-no-prisoners (or maybe cover them in unicorn stickers) attitude of Meredith while still allowing all the butterflies and steam to rise up from this romance.  Mer is no shrinking violet, and she’s a wonderful yin to calm, purposeful Daric’s yang.  So expect lots of laughs as Mer puts Daric in his place, while she kicks butt and gets together with her BFFs Jade and Lara (who we’ve met in books 5 and 4, respectively.)

There’s a time-jump epilogue that had me clutching my chest with happiness, and wondering if there’ll be a second generation of True Mates we’ll get to know more about someday soon.  If Montgomery writes those stories as well as she’d done these, I’ll be first in line.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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