GoodReads Review: “The Blackstone Wolf”

Because it’s a lazy rain-sleet-y kinda day…I’ma cut and paste right from GoodReads. BECAUSE I CAN.

[NOTE: I received a copy of this title thanks to the graciousness of the creators. I received no compensation for my review. Not even a slice of pie. DAMMIT I LOVE PIE.]

The Blackstone Wolf (Blackstone Mountain #4)The Blackstone Wolf by Alicia Montgomery
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely love Alicia Montgomery’s books. The characters are engaging, the stories are fun, and the mythology she weaves is addicting. But The Blackstone Wolf may be her best ever. I rank this one right up there with her stories “Taming the Beast” (Sebastian and Jade) and “The Last Blackstone Dragon” (Hank and Riva). In “Wolf”, the story of Nathan and Violet is a bit of a twist, as Violet is even more of a badass shifter than her Mate.

I like that each type of shifter has his or her positives and negatives when it comes to their animal natures. Just because you’re a powerful animal when you shift, doesn’t exactly mean that you’re completely badass all the time. And that helps ground the story. There’s also a nice nod to consent in this story, something I wish more romance stories did.

Now? On to Luke! 😉

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