Baltimore’s Christmas Village is coming back – starting this weekend!

I love a German Christmas Village. But my passport is out of date. So? I wander to the Inner Harbor to get my gingerbread on.

What, you haven’t heard of the Christmas Village? It’s awesome! I was lucky enough to check it out last year before the grand opening, and I’m not ashamed to say I went back four more times. (What can I say – I love a good currywurst.)

Shopping, music, and of course lots of lovely German feels – can’t go wrong! Plus, this weekend? Totally free! (Okay, so it’s free on weekdays, but typically it’s $5 on the weekends…)

Read what they’ve got to say:

Christmas Village is back – with exciting news!
Christmas Village is coming back to West Shore Park and we are more excited than ever before. As usual, we will run from Thanksgiving through Christmas Eve … BUT we’ve added a FREE preview weekend (Nov 17th & 18th) featuring the official Inner Harbor Christmas Tree Lighting! That means two more days full of family fun, events, and Christmas spirit! But of course that’s not all…

Read on at their official website for more info – and catch me live-Tweeting (and Gram’ing) the press junket on Saturday! Follow @ AtomicFangirl on the Twittering or IG for the fun!

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