The Horror! – “Overlord”!

Not the gory bloodbath that I’d been “warned” about, but gorehounds will be pleased at the amount of red in this horror tale set during WWII. A story that combines war thriller with body horror in a way that kept my eyes firmly on screen, not wanting to miss a moment.

There’s plenty of suspense as the group of American soldiers try to figure out what’s turning their mission into something much more sinister, thanks to stellar performances by Jovan Adepo as newly minted Private Boyce, Wyatt Russell as Corporal Ford (Kurt’s son does his poppa’s snarl proud) and GoT’s Pilou Asbæk as baddie Wafner. Combined with excellent direction by Julius Avery and stellar cinematography by Laurie Rose and Fabian Wagner, this means Overlord is one helluva fun, engaging ride.

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