Blu-ray Review: “Mothra” – SteelBook Edition

Mot-hu-rah-YA! Mot-hu-rah! Where my kaiju fans at? Oh, I know you have the Mothra song in your heads now, and I’m sure you’re fine with that. But do you have the new SteelBook edition of this kaiju classic? No? Well that’s okay – it won’t be released ’til July 9th. But you’ll want one.

Why? Because it’s beautiful. The color transfer here is Technicolor-licious, with the color saturation cranked to 11. The night shots aren’t as visible, most likely because the transfer couldn’t deal with brightness and sharpness without throwing things into eyeball overkill.

Yeah there are moments where things get a bit too hyper-focused and sharpened, but they’re few, far between, and never when things really get good. Otherwise, it looks like someone got a really nice original print of this film; while there is the original touch of graininess that marks most films of the mid-20th Century, watching this Blu-ray feels like seeing it in the theater. (Okay, with a much smaller screen, but roll with me here.) The sound – both the original Japanese and the English dub – is sharp and clean. Yes, especially when the Shobijin twins – played by song group “The Peanuts” (Emi and Yumi Itō) – sing their classic song.

As the only Blu-ray edition of this film currently on the market (and the only other way to get this film onto your bookshelf is via a 4-film DVD), you aren’t exactly spoiled for choice. But luckily, this is an edition where the love for the source shows through. Then there’s the SteelBook itself, complete with vinyl slipcover that has the Shobijin twins looking up to their beloved Mothra, as jets bear down on her. Open the nicely sold SteelBook, and there’s a lovely color still instead of the usual clamshell solid plastic dullness. This is my first SteelBook, but if the attention to detail is as wonderful with other releases, it definitely won’t be my last. Meanwhile, I’m dreaming of a Son of Godzilla release. Because Minilla is awesome. Come @ me.


  • English Version: with the gloriously cheesy English dubbed dialogue everyone remembers from watching this movie on TV decades ago.
  •  Japanese Version: with English subtitles, for folks who prefer subs over dubs. (Because subs are better y’all. Original actors emotions! Huzzah!)
  • Bonus Features:
    – English Version Audio Commentary
    – B&W Teaser: this calls Mothra a “he”. Sigh…she’s a girl y’all! Oh ’50s, you crazy.
    – Color Trailer: no mention of Mothra’s gender here. But there are glorious
    – Image Gallery: with 51 press stills and movie posters you can scroll through, you’ll be pressing your nose up to the screen so you can read the descriptions and feel like you’ve got your very own Mothra pressbook! (Just me?)

Company: Mill Creek Entertainment
Release Date: July 9th, 2019

NOTE: I did receive a promotional copy of this Blu-Ray. I did not, however, get chocolate, kittens, beer or anything else for writing this review.

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