31 in 31 – Shiner Oktoberfest

Yeah, so I stole another review from Green Man…but it’s Oktoberfest season y’all, and this is a brand new one, circa yesterday. With some of these movies I’ve been watching? Booze is a requirement, not an option. (Unless you don’t imbibe. Then get yourself silly on the sugar of your choice.)

It’s Fall!  And yes, that means Decorative Gourd Season, but it also means all things Fall-y, including Oktoberfests and Halloweenie. Even Texas brewery Shiner has gotten in on the action, delivering an easy to quaff Marzen (a German beer style bottled in the Spring and left to age nicely ‘til cooler temps return). And I think I’ve found my favorite of this style right here in this can. Not a great shock, as I’m a fan of all things Shiner, especially their absolutely yummy Black.

The brew has a beautiful amber color, with a very faint cloud you’d barely notice unless you’re looking for it for a review. There’s a malty nose with a caramel and grass punch that made me wish I had a hot pretzel and/or some wurst to pair with this pour. The head can sneak up on you super-quick, so be aware of how you pour and don’t slop it into your glass like I did, unless you’re into lots of foam. No judgement. 

The quick-to-rise head echoes the fizz you’ll feel on the tongue as you take a sip. It’s not big carbonation, rather tiny fizziles (a word that exists because I just made it up). Think of it  like champagne; a boom of bubbles, then a pleasant buzzy fizz that hits your tongue if you let it linger. 

Slightly bitter, but tempered by the gloriously robust malt, this is a lovely sipping beer. The grass and caramel from the nose carries over into the taste, so you can easily savor this brew from late summer through fall. There’s also a faint touch of astringency, and a clean water finish that made me eager to take sip after sip. 

Think of this beer as a stand-alone, or one to pair with a light summer nosh. Or you can go Full Deutch and grab yourself some liverwurst, sauerkraut, or whatever wurst strikes your fancy (teewurst for the win!) Because while this beer is light, the fizz will work wonders with heavy and/or fried foods, cleansing your palate for more. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how many pounds you’ve put on since quarantining. I’ll never judge you, my friends.

Style: Marzen

ABV: (alcohol by volume): 5.7%

IBUs (international bitterness units): 18


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